Winemakers in Tuscany since 1830

The Pinaro family – the origins of which date back to the first decade of the 1300s – has been cultivating for centuries the vines in Tuscany. Farming the vineyards in the regions of Chianti and Maremma, the family follows the rules of organic agriculture.

The lacustrine origin of Val d’Arno – identified by Leonardo Da Vinci too – makes the valley one of the most fertile territories in Italy. This peculiarity had been acknowledged back at the times of the great Roman historian Tito Livio, who used to describe the valley as follows:

«The region is one of the most fertile in Italy. The Etruscan rural areas between Florence and Arezzo are rich in wheat, cattle, and any kind of products»

In this territory the soil is of clayey composition, with inserts of pebbles, which provides more thickness to the wine. This geological feature can be seen in the Balze, typical formations of solidified clay, which testify the geological history of this land.

100% organic and sustainable viticulture

The winemaking method accurately follows the rules of organic farming, in order to bring healthy and fresh grapes to the cellar. Pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are never utilized, and just a small amount of specific and limited treatments, with copper and sulfur, is applied.


The health of the grapes is guaranteed by the evening winds, in both regions, but also by a careful and accurate pruning. The pruning allows the grapes to be nicely exposed to the sun and air, in order to avoid the stagnation of the humidity.


During the work in the cellar, the family applies a low intervention philosophy. The vinification involves just the stabilization of the wine.


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